David Trubridge

World of Design

The name Trubridge is now synonymous with one of the most innovative and exciting design houses in the world. But the man behind the name, David Trubridge, found his first calling as a craftsman. Working with his hands, David literally built his company from the ground up, first as a furniture maker to now one of the great Pacific design thinkers of the age. Projects and products bearing the name Trubridge can be found around the globe, but the centre of it all is a studio in Hawke’s Bay.

A maker of lamps and light fittings, furniture, furnishings and even boats, David says the work he is most proud of is creating jobs for other people. “We’ve creating 20 full time roles and I never dreamed it would be this successful.”

David is a hands-on leader and continues to work within the design team at Trubridge Studio. As well as designing products David has designed processes within his company that support sustainability and a desire for a zero-impact, zero-waste business.

Fruit trees have been planted on the studio site to create a living food source. Locals keep bee hives and graze cows on the site. All waste from the factory is sorted into categories and sent to recycling facilities. Sawdust is clean incinerated at local plant to generate electricity. Food waste is composted. And the total waste sent to landfill is currently one wheelie bin per fortnight, which is similar to an average household.

David’s life-long commitment to the environment is central to the way he runs his company.

“Our environmental ethos also takes into account the wellbeing of our team. We believe family comes first and work second.”

A tenet of David’s ethos is an understanding that working with one’s hands brings satisfaction and fulfilment.

“We work to feed our families but our work must also ‘feed’ us. It must develop our skills and mind and give us a sense of pride that we are moving something along together,” David says.

Despite Trubridge studios being a significant contributor to the world of design, David’s great love remains the hands-on act of making things.

” My hands are visual and I use them in a descriptive way. They are like eyes to me. Craftsman eyes,” he explains.

Acknowledgement: David Trubridge
Photography: David Trubridge.com
Instagram: @davidtrubridge