Jason Lingard

Living the dream with Fashion Designer Jason Lingard. 

You have to hand it to kiwi designer Jason Lingard, he’s not afraid to get stuck in. Turning his back on a great career in advertising, the clever creative followed his dream, to launch his own fashion label just three years ago.

His first solo show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 was a triumph, and he has established a loyal following of fashionistas throughout the country who love his timeless esoteric garments.

Back at the start, putting his first collection together was the easy bit for Auckland-based Lingard. The hard yards were ahead as he took his collection to market. On a shoestring budget, he flew south, and bought an old station wagon in Queenstown. Lingard’s new direction was sealed with that first roadie.

“I slept in the back of the car with my collection and visited stores. Being alone in that amazing southern scenery was so moving. I love New Zealand. I also loved meeting the beautiful people who own and work in the stores I now sell at. Interesting people with big personalities who really view clothing as an artform. It was inspiring.”

Lingard is passionate about natural fibres and carefully sources the raw materials he works with. His timeless designs and stunning pieces in leather, silk, wool and fine cottons are coveted by clients of all body shapes, sexes and ages.

The antithesis of fast-fashion, Jason has chosen an ethical pathway for production with a short supply chain, and built up personal relationships with his local makers, suppliers and retailers too.

This one-man band handles every aspect of the business.

I work 60 hour weeks and do it all; sew, design, accounting, production, dispatch, sales, social media, sweep the floor, the list goes on!” 

Fashion can be fickle. Lingard relishes taking time out when he can. Spending precious down-time with partner Alby, their friends and families, or heading out of town to the moody black sand beaches and bush-walks of West Auckland.  Back to nature for a little bit more inspiration.

Acknowledgement: Jason Lingard
Photography: Jason Lingard
Instagram: @jason.lingard