Kate Boyden

Practice Makes Perfect


The trick to managing everything in her life, explains Kate Boyden, is to make a plan then just “let things roll”. It’s that balance between being ready for anything, then taking whatever life brings that means Kate’s world is a busy but happy one. And her hands at the centre of it, there for her children, her partner Sam and her patients. As a Dental Therapist Kate calls her hands “tools to heal”, and working in a private practice with a large patient group means they’ve healed many.

Kate’s been using her hands to ease pain and bring peace-of-mind since the late 90’s. It’s a career path that has taken her to the Australian Outback. There she worked with the indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, including children who were living painful, restricted lives because of issues with their teeth.

“It was hard seeing so many children in terrible pain,” Kate explains. “Kids generally not eating, drinking and functioning well because of all the problems with their teeth. But then it was so rewarding being able to “fix” the dental issues for them.”

As well as her day-to-day work, Kate’s reliable, strong and healing hands help her keep things going at home. Her years playing rugby have given her the agility to manage it all.

“In my rugby playing days, my poor ol’ hands took abit of a beating with a few broken fingers and bones. But I enjoyed the game!” She says nowadays it’s the rushing, trying not to get tangled up in the small things that’s the challenge. Kate’s real world hands can handle whatever life throws at her, with her work and with her family and – from the field to the Outback and home again – Kate knows that from experience.