My Top 7 Tips


I know that the start of the holidays you can often feel that dread and think what on earth are we going to do for two weeks???  Mums who work have the juggling act of balancing childcare and if you are at home keeping kids entertained can be difficult. But get it right and the holidays can be a happy time for everyone.

Today I’ve been thinking how am I going to fill the days? How much food am I going to need in the house???  The holidays always end up going by really fast and after a few days of finding the groove by the end of the two weeks I always think how are we going to get back into the school routine. How am I going to get everyone out the door by 8.15am?? How am I going to get back to making school lunches?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do something everyday. Sometimes I find it good to have one activity planned every second day. The kids enjoy just relaxing and it’s good not to have too many things planned as sometimes they want to just chill out at home. A chance to get out of the house either morning or afternoon that I find breaks the day up.

Here are 7 tips to help you get through school holidays:

1. Involve other people
Your friends, particularly those with children or the parents of your childrens’
friends. Using each other as entertainment is mutually beneficial, catching up with friends with kids will provide ready-made entertainment for your kids and adult conversation for you. Now that the weather is getting warmer you can meet up somewhere outside, including the park, or go to a café with some outdoor play space so you can enjoy a coffee.

2. Use free or subsidised resources

This week the Napier museum is opening its doors without any cover charge. I haven’t visited yet but am planning to take the kids next week for a look. This will fill in one morning making for cheap options for entertainment.

3. Get some fresh air

When the sun is out load up the scooters and bikes and go for a bike ride. Its free, a chance to do some exercise and get some fresh air. Finish the cycle off with a nice ice cream treat.

4. Head out for a picnic at the park
Pack the blanket, basket, drinks and some snacks. You can prepare a lunch but it can be easier to have lunch at home and head out for an afternoon tea picnic. The kids can play at the park and depending on how old your kids are you may even be able to sneak a flick through of your favourite mags!

5. Stock up on activities at home.

Its great to have a few activities available to call upon if you are wanting a day at home of it the weather is grim. Purchase some from your local Spotlight or K Mart stores or head online to make some activities of your own. Or get out the board games and have play offs! This may create more fighting with the kids so be warned!

6. Organise play dates.
Let each child have a friend to come around for a few hours on different days. This can mix things up and change the dynamics within the siblings. It’s refreshing and now that the weather is warmer it makes it easier for them to be entertained outdoors.

7. Check your local libraries for activities 
They are generally free however you may have to stay with the kids but this could fill in a couple of hours. Also check out other programs these may cost but you can weigh that up.

Before you know it it will be 6.30am on Monday Term 4. You will be wondering how you are going to manage getting everyone out the door!