Sarah Hutchinson

Sarah Hutchinson


Sarah Hutchinson is a self-confessed clean freak, but her hands have borne the brunt of the work she puts into her home and family. Dishes, cleaning, washing, baking, cooking, they rest in Sarah’s hands.

“There are so many things that you do with your hands after having kids and it has really taken its toll on my hands,” Sarah explains. To look after those essential tools Sarah has taken a real world approach.

“I used to use other creams to see if they would work but they never did and my hands continued to be dry and cracked. I’m so pleased to have tried Real World products as my hands have just transformed.”

Sarah’s an early-riser; she’s up at 6am, and she says she lives a “happy, healthy life”. Sarah’s work often involves caring for her two young sons.  From holding them as newborns through to their daily bath time routine Sarah knows it’s important to look after the hands that look after so much. Most poignant of all was holding her nieces, born premature at 26 weeks.


“I was able to hold each one in the palm of my hands, they were so precious and so little,” she remembers.

For herself Sarah has taken on some big brave challenges including an Outward Bound course that really tested her limits. So used to giving so much to the people around her Sarah proved she can also look after herself, and under some fairly gruelling circumstances.

“I was petrified, it was the fear of the unknown,” says Sarah. “It ended up being the best eight days of my life. I was completely pushed out of my comfort zone. It was so hard but also at the same time it was so rewarding.”

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