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A beautiful honesty. Natural, plant-based body & skincare products.

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Hello World.

My hands used to get so dry and damaged. I had damage especially around the nail area and often cracks would appear in my skin and they would get really deep and become really painful.  I thought that if I developed an all natural plant based dishwashing liquid it would be kinder and gentler on my hard working hands, and my sore hands would be a thing of the past. Naturally this lead to a range of complimentary hand care products to give all round support.

My aim is to provide New Zealanders and people all over the world with a quality range of products specifically for your hands and body. Handcrafted in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, with more of the good and none of the bad. As a mother to Hugo, George, Freddie and Molly, I am really conscious about what goes on their skin. I know that when they wash their hands with Real World Hand Wash or have a bubble bath filled with Real World Bath Foam, it’s gentle, pure and safe on their very precious skin.


Natural Seed Oil Skincare

Four different ranges, one for your skin type.

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A beautiful honesty

We use only hand selected, plant based ingredients that are pure, nourishing and safe for you and your entire family.
They are a simple pleasure to be enjoyed daily, that not only feel and smell good for you, they truly are.